Saturday, 19 August 2017

Writing challenge twelve

We continued to chat agreeably until we reached home. Kerry went upstairs to change into loose fitting vintage chinos while I stroked a very tired Yo Yo who soon nodded off at my feet.I was shocked by the sound of a fracas upstairs.I rushed up the stairs to find Kerry clutching her abdomen. She was not prone to hypochondria so when she told me to call an ambulance, I didn't hesitate.A paramedic quickly arrived and confirmed that Kerry was indeed in labour, two weeks earlier than her due date.The paramedics checked with the hospital who advised the  medical orthodoxy required that Kerry should be transported by ambulance to hospital.So after checking her blood pressure and taking a sample of her blood,they set off. I was left to ask my friend Sharon if she could take Yo Yo while I went to the hospital. Luckily she had finished her podiatry appointment and was very happy to puppy sit. I dropped Yo Yo at her house and reached the hospital in record time. Kerry was now on the labour ward and in some distress. She asked me to contact her husband via the state department at the university in China. He was her lifeboat at a time she felt all at sea and she desperately needed to talk to him

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Writing challenge eleven

On the way home Kerry and I began to reminisce, sharing memories of our childhood which had seemed idyllic in many ways. We lived with our parents in a cottage near a field that was planted with lavender every year.. Dad was a fore runner of the current trend of working from home. His study was out of bounds to us girls, but as a result we would deliberately take every opportunity however tortuous to find a way to sneak in and hide, sometimes removing two small items from the desk as a token of our success. We would never renege on one another if questioned, profit sharing
our ill gotten gains. Dad as a self employed entrepreneur was able to work autonomously and to take time off to spend time with us.Mum would cook rotisserie chicken and our cousins would visit to play with us on the margins of the lavender field.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Writing challenge ten

Luckily this did not peturb me as I had a tight hold of the lead.We had a quick ramble around the playground, although the stagnant water in the small pond was giving off an unpleasant odour. We then walked the short distance to Sharon's house. Sharon greeted us warmly before starting to share out her appetizing stir fry. She even produced a puppy treat to dangle in front of Yo Yo. Being a librarian, she made us laugh by her ability to refer to classic literature and to misquote well known passages during conversation. To foist a puppy visitor on her did not bother her at all. She was no ascetic and loved to chat. She and her husband Barry were planning to renovate their house so she regaled us with their home improvement plans and the astronomic increase in the train fare for her husband's daily commute. Having remembered her podiatry appointment, we helped her clear the plates and said our goodbyes.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Writing challenge nine

Two hours later we were ready to leave the house, Kerry dressed in a vividly bright floral maternity smock for our outing. I grabbed the house keys from the bureau drawer before we set off, reminding Kerry we would need to disable the alarm system on our return by punching in the four digit code. Yo Yo was full of excitement at being in the great outdoors, his level of energy incompatible with Kerry's advanced state of pregnancy so I sensitively and to my mind decently offered to hold the lead as the puppy somewhat shakily at first ran in circles enjoying all the new scents and sounds. The pop of a car backfiring suddenly disturbed the peacefulness and I felt the tug of the lead as Yo Yo decided to make a break for freedom.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Writing challenge eight

Kerry called out to me and my mind came back to the present with a jolt. She was wondering if we could take Yo Yo when we went to visit Sharon for lunch. I could not remain unmoved as she pleaded her cause. Always the opportunist, she reminded me of the playground that we would pass on the way, the perfect place to take a puppy. Of course you can predict that my brains were over ruled by my heart as I said I would phone Sharon to check it was alright with her. Sharon immediately agreed and confirmed she would see us at twelve as she had a podiatrist appointment at three.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Writing challenge seven

For example on our first holiday together when I had been entranced at my first sight of bison while Frank wanted to visit the local bars, not enjoy the scenery. I just thought at that time that it was okay for our interests to differ. Friends on meeting him found him charming and likable. It was only six months into our marriage that his neglect started to become intolerable. He lost his job in the aerospace industry, began drinking in bars for long periods and would disappear for days at a time with no explanation.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Writing challenge six

It was my friend Sharon, inviting us for a Chinese stir fry lunch. Kerry had looked hopeful when she heard the words stir fry so I quickly reassured her that she was invited too. As she finished her breakfast and went upstairs to get dressed, I reached for a spray cleaner to disinfect the kitchen floor, my mind wandering to think about my shiftless ex husband. Our wedding day had been so beautiful, a sunny day, a perfect setting and him looking very handsome in a traditional kilt. Of course, thinking lucidly there were already indications that our relationship was doomed.