Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Writing challenge

Life has intervened and the end of the month is nigh so I think my story is done for now. One to be continued at a later date maybe .......

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Writing challenge fifteen

Time passed slowly as I tried to give succour to Kerry. Her labour was progressing slowly as often happens with a first pregnancy. Scattered images kept running through my mind of Kerry doing battle as the contractions wracked her body with pain, her abdomen like a punching bag being constantly pounded. A summons to the midwife resulted in pain relief and a reassurance that her labour was progressing excellently. I still continued trying to distract Kerry with assorted reminiscences from our shared childhood like the time the spinster next door had tried to calm us when baby sitting by trying to teach us to sing an octave. Unknown to her we were feverish and about to develop rashes from the measles. Despite her pain Kerry was always a sucker for childhood memories. She had refused the roast pork dinner offered by the hospital. I also had no desire to eat. By the morning her labour was advancing more rapidly. I had been allowed to stay and was feeling nearly as exhausted as Kerry. The midwife was now with Kerry and encouraging her with breathing exercises between contractions. The ward door opened and a disheveled Philip arrived just in time to see his scrawny looking baby son delivered. As the baby cried Kerry and Philip shared a smile of pure happiness.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Writing challenge fourteen

The ward that Kerry was in had four beds,one occupied by a young lady who looked like a schoolgirl. I naively wondered how such a young girl could get pregnant. The walls strangely were covered in faux wood paneling and a large picture of white water rafting which had a lustre designed to make ladies in their first trimester suffer more from morning sickness.I felt a vibration in my bag and managed to unearth my phone. Philip had received my urgent message and I passed the phone to Kerry.He was now in his apartment and had booked a fight home to arrive tomorrow morning.He was hoping to nap on the plane and come straight to the hospital after dropping his bags at their house. He was looking forward to being back in England where there was no need to spurn the constant Chinese propaganda of the state run media, but he was very grateful that they had agreed to employ him.He told Kerry how much he loved her then ended the call to finish packing. Another contraction had started so I held Kerry's hand again and tried to reassure her.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Writing challenge thirteen

As indicated earlier I was not enamoured with Kerry's husband Philip, despite his erudition. I felt Kerry had given him too much leeway. Marriage was supposed to be an equal partnership. For her to permit his work placement sponsored by the Chinese university when she was so heavily pregnant seemed like madness to me. Surely Kerry, not his career prospects should be at the forefront of his priorities. With a shrug I came to the conclusion that my own bad experience of marriage had made me less broad minded than in my younger days.Though I had to admit that Kerry's husband did not resemble Frank in any way.Unable to get a reply I left a message for Philip to phone the hospital urgently. He had promised Kerry to take leave to come home for a month when the baby was born, and had an agreement in his contract to do so. I held Kerry's hand and tried to distract her between contractions with chat about her cravings for health food in her early pregnancy and how Philip had teased her that her tiredness was psychosomatic as her diet was so super healthy.