Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Recipes to Reccommend

How many of us stick to a few tried and tested recipes? Cooking for friends, I decided to try a few new recipes.

Two desserts to try
 From Oh! you cook!  and on my pinterest board I tried Fruit salad with a honey and lime dressing. This was very easy and quick to prepare. Only three fruits and looked and tasted good.

From Ken Homs' travels with a hot wok, a new take on fruit crumble . I used mango and raspberry for the fruit and less sugar than suggested. The magic ingredient is to add dessicated coconut to the crumble topping. Served hot with vanilla custard , this was delicious. One of my friends had 3 helpings!

From Malaysia Kitchen USA I tried
Mango Salad, Char kway teow  noodles and coconut milk and seafood soup all of which were enjoyed by my friends. I especially loved the soup and will add that to my repertoire of favourite recipes along with the coconut crumble.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

365 free e books

14. The one you really want by Jill Mansell

Light read with engaging quirky characters. Easy and compulsive read. Very enjoyable

365 free e books

13. The measure of Kate Galloway by Serena Miller

After trying to read two crime novels which I couldn 't engage with enough to read more than 20 percent, this was an engaging and very enjoyable read. A historical adventure and love story with an unusual setting. Great story telling.

A book collection

Room by Emma Donoghue

This book from the winter warmers collection was compulsive reading. Narrated by five year old Jack, the harrowing storyline slowly unfolds in a stunningly original writing style which creates a psychologically very thought provoking story.  It is very hard to write convincingly from the perspective of a five year old and even harder to portray the struggle to live in the world after living totally in Room. I thought this was a startling and brilliantly conceived book which was very moving as the mother, son relationship changed.