Friday, 30 May 2014

52 genres in a year

29 Stitchcraft

 An inspiring book with great designs which can be adapted by experienced knitters to create their own combinations
 a picture in the book of the sampler my daughter and I decided to make jointly two years ago. We discovered our knitting gauges were rather different, mine being a looser knit so I took over the whole knit.
 Sea Wall ; ten squares knitted
 Cobbled stones: seven knitted, one more to knit
 Pebbledash; eight needed and completed
Fishing nets: two done, ten more to go

Ten different square designs, ninety- nine squares to complete plus a border, a long way to go.
Hopefully I will get knitting and progress this project . Updates will follow!!

Ayear in our garden

Late May

Thursday, 29 May 2014

52 genres in a year

28 True Adventure

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know  by Ranulph Fiennes

Fascinating autobiography of a man who is a true adventurer, gruesome detail included, as well as a very moving testimony to his first wife Ginny. Easy to read and informative including the appendixes at the end.A life well lived.

52 genres in a year

27 ghost

Long time coming by Edie Claire

A very enjoyable free e book. Romance, suspense and a ghost story. Easy to read with good characterization.