Thursday, 21 June 2012

finished owl puff

One finished owl puff
The kitchener stitch was complicated.I had to rewrite the instructions from purl bee and have them in front of me to refer to,but it was worth it as it does make a very neat finish.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Malaysian style curry

 Malaysian style chicken curry is a dish I cook frequently.

Start by peeling and finely chopping garlic and ginger, about a tablespoon combined. Then peel and slice an onion..

I had fresh galangal root{lengkwas} from our local chinese supermarket. A small amount peeled and finely chopped adds a lovely scent and flavour.

I love the aroma of fresh lemongrass too.Its so good that its readily available in supermarkets now.Chop off the bottom and chop them off so you only have the white and pale green part.About two stalks are plenty.Remove the outer layer which may be slightly brown .Then crush to release the flavour.A heavy glass jar works well!

I use boneless chicken thighs.,one to two packs .
chop into 4 to 6 pieces dependent on size.Using a large pan.Heat oil and fry garlic,ginger,onion,lemongrass and galangal until fragrant.then add chicken pieces and fry until browning.Add your favourite curry powder .I really like Babas as pictured below. I use the whole pack but add to your own taste.

 Fry until fragrant then add water to cover the chicken pieces.Bring back to simmmer and cover.You can add potatoes peeled and chopped and tomatoes.

I then add santan.I use cholestrol free,about a third of a pack. Leave to cook until chicken and potatoes are done.

I like to add some fresh coriander about five minutes before serving.
The curry can be served on its own with freshly cooked rice as below or as one dish with a chinese meal.

Saturday, 9 June 2012


seasons so swiftly change their hues around,
each has a wondrous beauty to bestow
in glory like a queen who's newly crowned.

plants spring,green shoots emerging from the ground
forget me nots in blue profusion grow
seasons so swiftly change their hues around.

midsummer and the thirsty lawns are browned
and roses bloom,their crimson shades aglow
in glory like a queen who's newly crowned.

leaves fall,red,golden, brown and swirling round
as autumn winds do fiercely gust and blow
seasons so swiftly change their hues around.

As winter's chill sweeps in with scarce a sound
and whiteness blankets all in sparkling snow
in glory like a queen who's newly crowned.

confounding or astounding,change abounds
life's patchwork pattern varies to and fro
seasons so swiftly change their hues around
in glory like a queen who's newly crowned.

I'm enjoying trying new poetry forms. This is my attempt at a villanelle and made it to the featured board of fifteen minutes of fiction. To craft with words in writing ,or attempting to write poetry is something I'm really enjoying .I'm also enjoying reading some great writing by other members of fifteen minutes of fiction.

Friday, 8 June 2012

current knitting projects

My current knitting projects as shown above!  Jenna Krupars owl puff,a free ravelry pattern download.I've knitted three but this is the most advanced one.I just need to complete it using the kitchener method.This is why I've stopped as I've never tried this before.I have a tutorial on my pinterest page so now I've posted this on my blog,I must have a go so I can post the completed owl puff.Anyone who has been on my pinterest pages will see I have abit of an  owl obsession! The owl puff was also my first attempt at knitting in the round so two new skills in one project!

My second current project is Chrissy Grahams basketweave cowl also a free ravelry download and knitted up really quickly in super bulky wool.

Thursday, 7 June 2012


I've ordered lots of felt today ,small sample squares,and larger squares in pastel shades and also in selected colours.I also ordered embroidery needles and embroidery hoops so am looking forward to receiving lots of small parcels.My pinterest page is full of felt and embroidery ideas so I'm looking forward to trying some of them out!!

Monday, 4 June 2012

A crafters garden

Fine wool would be displayed in abundance
in profusion of raggle tag bunches
alpaca,angora softly grazing
on grass grown for the animals lunches.

with spinning wheels whirring away in time
and plants in natural hues producing dyes
knitting and crochet needles are arrayed
in all sizes for a crafters desires

and felt grown in mats of all colourings
with silkworms making fine cocoons of silk
and books with a multitude of patterns
for reading with a glass of ice cold milk

my garden would be open for crafters
to help themselves to wool,and silks to sew
to crochet,knit,applique, embroider
to make amazing gifts for friends they know