Wednesday, 29 April 2015

30 Poems in April 2015

Day Thirty

poems done
Challenging but fun

but challenging
done poems, thirty

30 Poems in April 2015

Day twenty nine

childhood memories
herding heifers
over rickety
wooden bridges
to water meadows

rainbow trout
in baby pools
eel traps
seen through
smoky glass

longest bridge
over the weir
single file
holding narrow
hand rails tightly
hearing waters rush

autumn colour
of woods beside
reflected on cool water
magical hues of
russet and gold
images spanning the years

walks as a child
through fields and
primrose scattered wood
over bridges of dreams
counting heifers
placidly chewing their cud

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

30 Poems in April 2015

Day twenty eight


their stare
more a glare

faced pair
aim to scare

don't cry
prepare to die

so high
to the sky

airborne at fair
whisper a prayer

Monday, 27 April 2015

Poetry blog spot day twenty seven

A drop of soul. This is beautiful poetry

30 poems in April 2015

Day twenty seven

Preparation is everything
in my job
to go in unprepared is to
dice with danger

each day brings its own challenges
to be faced
but the rewards can be greater
on a good day

days that don't end at the time when
young ones go home
my eyes aching as I plough through
piles of paperwork

a meeting with the head at half past ten
Emma and Amber are late once again
phones confiscated until end of day
from those whose plans are no work and all play

a meeting with the staff at half past one
paperwork that never seems to be done
supervising lunches can be a pain
Emma and Amber are late once again

Sunday, 26 April 2015

30 poems in April 2015

Day Twenty six

The maid of Orleans, Joan of Arc
martyred by a spark
igniting the fire
Witch   became her funeral pyre

Saturday, 25 April 2015

30 poems in April 2015

Day twenty five

Not a daffodil in sight

I wandered lonely as a cloud
mere water vapour in the sky

Continuous as the stars that shine
but do stars shine throughout the day

The waves beneath them danced but they
don't waltz or tango round the bay

For oft when on my couch I lie
such random fancies float on by

Thursday, 23 April 2015

30 poems in April 2015

Day Twenty four
From my 100 Chineasy postcards my randomly selected card was as above
To get out [chu] exiles were banished over the mountain
from this starting point
free writing led eventually to this

exiles banished
over mountains
without knowledge
only hope
for freedom
from poverty
many travel
fleeing war
calling humanity
we matter
lives in turmoil
listen, act
others talk
we die

30 poems in April 2015

Day Twenty Three

                                    Italian Sonnet

As honeysuckle rambles round round the post
red roses in first bloom will soon appear
intoxicating scent while you are near
as butterflies sip nectar from their host
so I must linger near you as a ghost
such loveliness in lilac to revere
forever will my love be true my dear
existing in this silence grieves me most
for never will I hold you to my heart
nor hear your words of love in dead of night
the suddenness of death caused us to part
you gave me poisoned wine, a traitors dart
with honeysuckle scent at days first light
a sweet betrayal, an assassin's art

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

30 poems in April 2015

Day Twenty two

From  The Sunday Times Culture magasine
     Article    When Lovely is not enough by Waldemar Januszczak

                                  My erasure poem

circles of swirling colour
vivid memories of
Catherine wheels
jaunty dresses
perfect summers
in Paris
a patchwork
clusters of
half glimpsed figures
feminine stylistic lurches
visual language

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

30 poems in April 2015

Day Twenty one


Our buses are
red double deckers
and are timetabled
to run every eight minutes
which they usually do
now I am
of a certain age
and living in
a London borough
I can travel free
on bus, train and tube
to travel by car
is convenient
especially in winter
but on a bus
or a train
I can let my mind
wander, even plan
my next poem
enjoy life
passing by
until I reach
my destination

Monday, 20 April 2015

30 Poem in April 2015

Day Twenty

spare my blushes,the compliments are
only for the outside world, to brighten your own star

those compliments are only skin deep
covering the tears I shed before I go to sleep

a plaster for each unseen bruise
in hidden parts of me to subjugate and confuse

a punchbag for the drunken rages
the tender consolation when you sob for ages

I see now, the weakness is in you
in order for survival, I know what I must do

my fear was but an echo of yours
the alcohol fuelled anger like a wee mouse who roars

 now I am gone and you left alone
like a cat without a mouse, a dog without a bone

I am stronger now that I am free
from your all consuming need and insecurity

love akin to hate confounded me
I have to learn to live in hope,see who I can be

Sunday, 19 April 2015

30 Poems in April 2015

Day nineteen

A journey we all take

fluids gush
forcible ejection from
womb warmth
greeting the world
with startled cry
whether assisted by
rhythmic contractions
or surgical scalpel

Poetry Blog spot day eighteen

Poetry and other squiggles caught my eye today

Friday, 17 April 2015

30 Poems in April 2015

Day eighteen

                          Yesterdays news

Photos  were taken while at the races
sunsets and trees in exotic places
bluebells from The Woodland Trust
the latest book from Raymond Feist
Chinese soup with carrot and pork
posts from Humans of New York
Updates of course from NaPoWriMo
spinner dolphins by National Geo
oldest gymnast, elephants, toads
motorway chaos, delays on roads
Smart car  fanatics or Formula One
birthday greetings are always fun
science and cheese, shadow art
Shearsman books reviews impart
pelican rescue, jokes may be funny
local news, items to sell to make money
a like for Lean In, some political space
friends having fun with a smile on each face

Poetry Blog Spot Day Seventeen

Kanzen Sakura  provides inspiration with a prompt to think about our use of language in The smell of rain.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

30 Poems in April 2015

Day seventeen

Terzanelle / Take two

                                High Noon

Sunlight reflected the shadow within
the smile on her face hid a shadow deep
a shadowy chill beneath sun warmed skin

my lady had her own secrets to keep
as she rode through town on that fateful day
the smile on her face hid a sorrow deep

thoughts of the price she would be asked to pay
with her head held high and her smile in place
as she rode through town on that fateful day

the sheriff appeared with a measured pace
her escort then said " proceed to the jail "
with her head held high and her smile in place

she stopped her horse for she couldn't now fail
to shoot the man dead who had killed her son
her escort then said " proceed to the jail "

In jail was the killer, she raised her gun
sunlight reflected the shadow within
as she shot the man dead who killed her son
shadowy chill beneath sun warmed skin

Poetry Blog Spot Day Sixteen

From C.J.Prince Author comes Dear muse
Beautifully expressed literary language. I love it

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

30 Poems in April 2015

Day Sixteen
                                A Terzanelle
Poetry prompts, you are so inviting
enabling trials of forms like Terzanelle
poetry prompts, you are so inviting

I hope the writing genie casts his spell
that poems for a month I can complete
enabling trials of forms like Terzanelle

to write so many, in itself a feat
experimenting with a final aim
that poems for a month I can complete

creative sparks when fanned become a flame
and thoughts of poems fill my head with rhyme
experimenting with a final aim

as thoughts of poetry consume my time
to read poetic writings is a joy
and thoughts of poems fill my head with rhyme
with hopes this challenge does new skills employ
poetry prompts, you are so inviting
to read poetic writings is a joy
poetry prompts, you are so inviting

Poetry Blog Spot Day Fifteen

Eramosa River Journal wrote Heaven and Earth
 Dialogue on a heavenly scale

30 Poems in April 2015

Day Fifteen

                                         Dementia Dialogues

What would you like? Tea or coffee today?
What I really would like is time to talk
I'll tidy your bed, throw rubbish away
to tell you my fears or go for a walk

I'll just get your comb and tidy your hair
to talk of my past and all that I've done
here are your tablets. I'll leave them right here
a smile and a laugh would make life more fun

Excuse me a minute, I'll answer my phone
the days seem so long, my mind is not clear
now that I've finished, I'll leave you alone
I long for a friend but nobody's here

Jean will be here tonight, you know she's new
no one to listen,they all cannot stay
Jenny tomorrow, she knows what to do
Each day will be just the same as today

What would you like to watch today?
Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden
Deanna Durban, Double Jeopardy
You like that one
I've seen them all
Yes that will do
They washed me with bleach today
I know you don't believe me

They're only trying to help you
What would you like me to buy?
bread,sliced chicken, ham
milk, yoghurt, biscuits, jam
chocolate eclairs?
Has your carer made your tea?

Chocolate eclairs might be nice
They try to kill me, you know
Put poison in the food
the water too
It's not safe

Shall we walk in the garden
The osmanthus is so beautiful
forget me nots too
Have you seen the woodpeckers
hanging upside down

I never want to leave this house
I want to die here
Promise me
I don't want to go to hospital
you don't know what they're trying to do

Your stent needs changing
Your catheter keeps blocking
your doctor wants you to go
What happens if it blocks
in the night?

I don't need to go
What does the doctor know
My catheter is fine
I can wash it out myself
The nurse said
If I leave here, I'll be dead

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Poetry Blog Spot Day Fourteen

Rhyme and Reason, Poetry meets film reviews wrote The birds[1963]

A riddle poem combined with film review. Great poem and photography!

30 Poems in April 2015

Day Fourteen

 Raw lovers of fish
their favourite dish
not all black or all white
to an emperor's sight
or a huddle of kings
in a flap about wings
take to water not air
p p pick up a pair

Monday, 13 April 2015

Poetry Blog Spot Day Thirteen

Simple slanting Bones wrote The Gooseberry Girl. It took me a long time today to find this gem.

30 Poems in April 2015

Day thirteen

From Prose written last June
The sun is shining this morning, a somewhat rare moment in an English summer as I venture outside to soak up some rays. I sit in my favourite spot on the patio, perched atop the low wooden fence topped with a decking plank. As I sit awhile I feel the warmth of the sun on my bare arms.At the end of our small garden, the Maple tree spreads its branches providing a canopy of russet green leaves to hide the houses on the slope above our house allowing a measure of seclusion. The wall on the left which forms the back of the garage block is clothed with lilac,no longer flowering, rambling rose and honeysuckle spread in wild abandon.
A white peony is in full bloom, her red companions have long finished, a few petals stain the grass.Carpets of blue starry flowers adorn the right hand border and as I sit, two bumble bees are busily flitting between the profusion of flowers collecting nectar
The scent of honeysuckle wafts across the garden, with the smoky hint of a neighbour's barbeque in the air.
Sparrows swoop across above my head to the safety of the lilac
and a blue tit briefly alights on the bird feeder hanging in the Maple. I hear the sounds of birdsong and the buzzing of a bee as it flies near my left ear.The distant chatter of neighbours, a dogs yelp, a sneeze and a man whistling are sounds of others enjoying a Sunday morning in the garden. Before I return inside, I cannot resist crushing a sprig of mint to smell another scent of summer.
to Poetry

Summer moment
morning sun
plank decking
sit perched
bare arms
feel warmth
branches spread
maple leaves canopy
houses hidden
allowing seclusion
lilac clothed wall
rose rambling
honeysuckle abandon
peony petals
stain grass
blue flowers starry
adorn border
bumble bees flitting
nectar collecting
honeysuckle scent wafts
mint sprigs crush
barbeque smoky air
sparrows swoop
blue tits alight
neighbours chatter
man whistling, sneezes
Sunday sounds

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Poetry Blog Spot Day Twelve

April Poems for national Poetry month writes Undefeated
  I am in awe at this Sapphic poem, and also loved the abecedarian

30 Poems in April 2015

Day Twelve

Writing a Sapphics Poem, a hard challenge! My second attempt.


Golden apples hang upon golden branches
silver sparrow fluttering sadly glances
speak so soft, disturb not, make no harsh din
still she lives within

Drawn in deeper, solitude beckons only
beckons with a subtlety, drowns the lonely
shiny outside hides inner distrust, distress
shell painted feels less

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Poetry Blog Spot Day Eleven

Writings of the moon An Abecedarian
 A video presentation Clever and tells a horror story.

30 Poems in April 2015

Day Eleven

                Fairytale Endings

As I ambled along by the babbling brook
beside the bride and the curious cook
characters chancing to meet me that day
deliciously daft in every way
even expounding on fortified wine
foretelling fair harvest of grapes on vine
greeting not grumbling, happy not sad
hoping to help instead of being mad
It is I suppose a jolly big jump
just for me to be kissing the plump
kindly cook, leading to our lovely bride
lovelorn and lost, muttering an aside
 Marriage must matter most to me not to
noodles like you, only I said " I do"
overwrought, or perhaps she was in pain
puts the question " Will I see him again?"
queries "Does he love me? Running away
running so swiftly on our wedding day"
silent the tears slowly tumbling down
together no more, unleashing a frown.
Understanding we vowed, myself and cook
vowed our support to the bride with a look.
We would comfort our friend, always be near.
Xylophones sounding! Yon bridegroom is here
Young and so handsome, he zooms to her side
zones in to kiss her, his beautiful bride.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Poetry Blog Spot day Ten

NaPoWriMo    Sarah Ann Cox April  2015 

Elegant brush strokes, a crafting of words.Beautifully expressed.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

30 poems in April 2015

Day Ten
                                                                     t a l l e r
                                                                    t r e e t o p
                                                                  m i g h t i e r
                                                                 b r a n c h i n g
                                                               s e a m l e s s l y
                                                              e v e r s k y w a r d
                                                           e  f  f  o  r  t  l  e  s  s  l  y
                                                                             l i t
                                                                             s k y

poetry Blog Spot Day Nine

Pocket full of words wrote A Palinode for Wednesday which made me laugh out loud.I loved it!

30 poems in April 2015

day nine
            a Palinode      See day two

It must be Spring in April,but not so
For in this month comes rain, hail, even snow
In Southern Hemispheres it now is Fall
The tropics have no season times at all
For them it's either hot or hot with rain
So April or December same again
To make this statement really was not true
That's all for now, so it will have to do

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Poetry Blog Spot Day Eight

From Chasing the Sunset comes Gem
Simply written, very true

30 poems in April 2015

Day Eight

Material wealth
Opens doors
Nurtures needs
Enables experience
Yet has no value without love

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Poetry Blog Spot Day Seven

Geezer Girl  wrote Into the break of Day
  A beautiful haunting Aubade

30 Poems in April 2015

Day Seven

I'm really enjoying the poetry prompts so here is my attempt at Aubade

Your hair upon the pillow spread in sleep
while thoughts of passion cause my heart to leap
remembered smoky gaze of love filled eyes
as I must leave you as the sun does rise
a weekend filled with overwhelming bliss
how can my mundane work compare with this
to have to leave you now will break my heart
for ten long hours we have to be apart
this Monday morning at the break of day
a gentle kiss or two, hearts held in sway
and words of love to cherish, our goodbye
as sun's first rays rise weakly to the sky

Never, to me is Monday my first choice
Alarm discordant is the morning voice
sheets tangled, pulled away with silent tug
too much to hope for is a farewell hug
a groan, befuddled from the night before
she turns away, emitting gentle snore
the weekend seems to me a world away
I slowly rise to face the working day

Each dawn I wake like any other day
and scan the room in darkness as I lay
no gentle breath disturbs me as I sleep
my memories are all I have to keep

Monday, 6 April 2015

Poetry Blog Spot Day Six

Ally Om takes a dip in the inkwell is my choice for today.
An inspiring and very clever transformation

30 Poems in April 2015

Day six

Poetry prompt Emily Dickinson
Poem chosen  Fame is a bee

What matter then that fame is as a bee
it has a song, it has a sting,ah too
it has a wing

What matter then if fame is as a rose
it has a bloom, it has a thorn, ah too
it will be shorn

What matter then, for fame is as a cat
it has a purr, it has a grace, ah too
it has a face

What matter then, fame is as butterfly
it has a sheen, it has a glow, ah too
it soon will go

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Poetry Blog Spot Day Five

Retirement Legs poem Kind; Understated clarity and truth. After reading quite a few today, this one spoke to me.

30 Poems in April 2015

Day Five

                        Without Love

Footfall retreating
in ever decreasing circles
the taste of cold coffee
bitter on tongue

existing in a void
without dreams
where endless days
stretch like elastic
ever tighter, ever more fragile

Circling like horses
trapped on a gaudy
over painted carousel
forever spinning
faster, faster
in an out of control world

Where bright lights
and silence beckons
like a siren call

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Poetry Blog Spot Day Four

Wow! So impressive, I'm in awe after reading The Elephant's Dream from The Underground Clown Club Blog.

30 Poems in April 2015

Day four

From Septolet to Fourteener

How to write some poetry with Fourteeners you may ask
and now on attempt two I tell you, not a simple task
to write out lines with rhythm that does not sound too clunky
as longer lines can very soon appear rather chunky.
When you add in an obsession for lines to end in rhyme
you can very quickly fathom it's not an easy time.
Despite this fact, I have to say that as I write this down
there is now a smile upon my face, not a puzzled frown 

Friday, 3 April 2015

30 poems in April 2015

day three

a septolet, like painting a picture with a few brush strokes!

she stood
silent tears streaming

two tangled together
silken sheets
their betrayal

Poetry Blog Spot Day Three

 Birch Bright is the first site I open today and when I read Shoring up the ruins it brought back so many memories. This will resonate with anyone who has cared for or is trying to care for their parents. I love the language and the distinctive style of the writing too.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Poetry Blog Spot Day two

I've been following Quiet Minds  since I discovered it on last years NaPoWriMo so was very excited to see her back this year.  Jan Priddy posted interesting and challenging poetry prompts last year. A very talented, deep thinking poet and writer.

30 Poems in April 2015

Day two

I've abandoned the prompts today! A poem to fit the season and a monorhyme


It's April so it really must be Spring
No longer does the cold of winter sting
and each day bursts of colour add their zing
as gaudy jewels add a bunch of bling.
No longer to our winter wardrobes cling
as layers shed, thick coats we do not bring
and voices in the showers dare to sing
It's time for winter blues away to fling
to soar in joy like kestrel on the wing
or as a child enjoying their first swing
in April so it really must be Spring

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Poetry blog Spot Day one

It would be impossible to read all the poetry submitted by participants so I will try to read a few each day. Poetry Pixie caught my eye today. Humour and rhyme! I love the idea of a month of limericks too

30 Poems in April 2015

Day One

Using yesterdays prompt.

I guess it's too late to live on a farm
as my memories do
to run through the fields with wind in my hair
sister, cousins,dogs too

I guess it's too late to live on a farm
with the wet smell of cow
silage and muck and the sweet scent of hay
tractor, earth furrows, plough

I guess it's too late to live on a farm
calves to feed, hands in milk
rides on our bikes along small country lanes
warm cats, cuddled, soft silk

I guess it's too late to live on a farm
it would never compare
primroses, violets, blackberries wild
to my memories there

I guess it's too late to live on a farm
idyllic in mind
but narrow, too insular, routine bound
not embracing mankind