Saturday, 11 April 2015

30 Poems in April 2015

Day Eleven

                Fairytale Endings

As I ambled along by the babbling brook
beside the bride and the curious cook
characters chancing to meet me that day
deliciously daft in every way
even expounding on fortified wine
foretelling fair harvest of grapes on vine
greeting not grumbling, happy not sad
hoping to help instead of being mad
It is I suppose a jolly big jump
just for me to be kissing the plump
kindly cook, leading to our lovely bride
lovelorn and lost, muttering an aside
 Marriage must matter most to me not to
noodles like you, only I said " I do"
overwrought, or perhaps she was in pain
puts the question " Will I see him again?"
queries "Does he love me? Running away
running so swiftly on our wedding day"
silent the tears slowly tumbling down
together no more, unleashing a frown.
Understanding we vowed, myself and cook
vowed our support to the bride with a look.
We would comfort our friend, always be near.
Xylophones sounding! Yon bridegroom is here
Young and so handsome, he zooms to her side
zones in to kiss her, his beautiful bride.

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