Monday, 20 April 2015

30 Poem in April 2015

Day Twenty

spare my blushes,the compliments are
only for the outside world, to brighten your own star

those compliments are only skin deep
covering the tears I shed before I go to sleep

a plaster for each unseen bruise
in hidden parts of me to subjugate and confuse

a punchbag for the drunken rages
the tender consolation when you sob for ages

I see now, the weakness is in you
in order for survival, I know what I must do

my fear was but an echo of yours
the alcohol fuelled anger like a wee mouse who roars

 now I am gone and you left alone
like a cat without a mouse, a dog without a bone

I am stronger now that I am free
from your all consuming need and insecurity

love akin to hate confounded me
I have to learn to live in hope,see who I can be

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