Tuesday, 7 April 2015

30 Poems in April 2015

Day Seven

I'm really enjoying the poetry prompts so here is my attempt at Aubade

Your hair upon the pillow spread in sleep
while thoughts of passion cause my heart to leap
remembered smoky gaze of love filled eyes
as I must leave you as the sun does rise
a weekend filled with overwhelming bliss
how can my mundane work compare with this
to have to leave you now will break my heart
for ten long hours we have to be apart
this Monday morning at the break of day
a gentle kiss or two, hearts held in sway
and words of love to cherish, our goodbye
as sun's first rays rise weakly to the sky

Never, to me is Monday my first choice
Alarm discordant is the morning voice
sheets tangled, pulled away with silent tug
too much to hope for is a farewell hug
a groan, befuddled from the night before
she turns away, emitting gentle snore
the weekend seems to me a world away
I slowly rise to face the working day

Each dawn I wake like any other day
and scan the room in darkness as I lay
no gentle breath disturbs me as I sleep
my memories are all I have to keep

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