Wednesday, 30 April 2014

30 poems in April

April 30th

Thirty poems , one for each day
My task is done, what more to say!!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

30 poems in April

April 29th

Italian Sonnet
Sitting on the swing on a sunny day
lean back, kick my legs and start to go high
close eyes and imagine I touch the sky
wishing my troubles will all fly away

swinging, swinging,leaning backwards I lay
as I open my eyes, what do I spy
the source of my conflict is riding by
the blueness of sky now turning to grey

where ever I go you seem to be here
why does it happen? what can I do now?
our ending should have made everything clear
I don't want to see you after our row
you stop and you smile and now you are near
I know that we can sort things out somehow

Monday, 28 April 2014

30 poems in April

April 28th

There was a young girl that I know
 in her garden she wanted to grow
carrots and peas
and red strawberries
but no plants grew, just weeds in a row


Sunday, 27 April 2014

30 poems in April

April 27th

This life
we live
and then
we die

A tiny speck
in vast

Saturday, 26 April 2014

52 genres in a year

24 Science Fiction

Just one Damned thing after another by Jodi Taylor

I loved this book! Time travel, history, intrigue, action, dinosaurs, tragedy. love and laugh out loud moments of comedy. Written in a fast paced quirky style, Left me wanting to read more in the series.

52 genres in a year

23 Western

The Cowboy's E mail order bride by Cora Seaton { free e book}

Possibly, more steamy " Mills and Boon style" romance than true Western, but the Cowboys meet the western criteria! A very light read . Boy meets Girl. After many misunderstandings and a lot of physical contact, they live happily ever after. I was not really tempted to read more of the series but it was an enjoyable read.

52 genres in a year

13 Curses by Michelle Harrison [Childrens fantasy]

Book 2 in the trilogy continues apace with twists and turns, a riveting read. Now awaiting for my brother in law to finish book 3 with great impatience so I can continue the story!

30 poems in April

April 26th


A Faerie Tale
In winter's thrall beneath the moonlight's glow
dance creatures we will never, ever see.
In winter's thrall beneath the moonlight's glow

Unseelie court resides and all will be
in cold and darkness.Only faintly lit
dance creatures we will never, ever see.

Unending, tiny figures twirl and flit
and music plays, a dark, haunting refrain
in cold and darkness, only faintly lit.

We humans never, ever could sustain
such movement and at such frenetic pace
and music plays, a dark, haunting refrain.

Their names a secret to maintain the race,
a hidden world, in parallel, unseen.
Such movement, and at such frenetic pace
watched over by Unseelie king and queen
in winter's thrall beneath the moonlight's glow.
A hidden world in parallel. Unseen
in winter's thrall beneath the moonlight's glow.

Friday, 25 April 2014

30 poems in April

April 25th


To be together sixty years
their share of joy and sometimes tears
declining health in their old age
life now is like a gilded cage

carers now visit through the day
their visits short, they cannot stay
tasks to complete for weekly wage
life now is like a gilded cage

together still but time goes slow
their private lives a public show
locked in the system, silent rage
life now is like a gilded cage.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

30 poems in April

April 24th

we go
to find out
what we need to know
just one click on our computers

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

52 genres in a year

22 War

They used dark forces by Dennis Wheatley

I really enjoyed this. The same character as in Contraband and a fast moving and intriguing storyline. The history and strategic aspects of the book were informative too. I hadn't read any Dennis Wheatley books before but am becoming a fan now. I like the way the author added himself into the story too!

30 poems in April

April 23rd

Preacher Spurgeon's Tabernacle
lozenge coffins in a graveyard
climbers blue ascending gladly
library for" local"Harvard

Saint Georges Day at the George Inn
a statue seen of Thomas Guy
whilst shard the skyline dominates
and Keats in niche reflects nearby

the prison wall at Marshalsea
the window rose in glory shines
and Roman soldier guards his spot
Shakesperian actors learn their lines

Pepys from the Anchor viewed the world
and Dickens inspiration sparked
the golden hind in harbour lies
Mary Overies tale is marked

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

30 poems in April

April 22nd


Lilac in Springtime
palest purple smothering
bushes with fragrance

Monday, 21 April 2014

30 poems in april

April 21st

Outside the shop with heavy heart I wait
already he is very, very late
this does not bode well for our second date
the way I'm feeling really isn't great.
In fact I'm starting to feel quite irate
for being late is something that I hate.
To be stood up appears to be my fate.
Towards me coming, then I see a mate
I can still have a meal at any rate.
We choose a cafe after some debate
the decor seems to be a bit ornate.
We order, food arrives piled high on plate
we chat, my feelings start to dissipate
I'm feeling full and enjoyed what I ate
no longer does his lack of manners grate.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

30 poems in April

April 20th

A septolet

He follows
at a distance
She turns
but too late

Darkness descends

Saturday, 19 April 2014

30 poems in April

April 19th

Excitement fills the air at our house
In the garden children await
the signal that they can start
searching through the bushes
moving leaf and stone
in their hunt for

Friday, 18 April 2014

30 poems in April

April 18th

Characteristics of countryside
fill my heart with sweet memories
cows are waiting to be milked
calves wanting to be fed
in straw clad cow barn
we help our mum
buckets filled
warm milk

Thursday, 17 April 2014

30 poems in April

April 17th

A line or two of rhyme today
what more to say
words come too slow
I have to go

Writing in a hurry is bad
I feel so sad
but what to do
the words are few

minute poem I try to write
ever so trite
twelve lines is few
most I can do.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

River birds

30 poems in April

April 16th

A monorhyme

Beneath the trees that summer we would meet
like old friends we would come outside and greet
each other, shaded from the summers' heat
six weeks of freedom was indeed a treat
no need to wear school uniform so neat
no essays or assignments to complete
the taste of freedom never was so sweet
the mossy banks beneath the trees our seat
we'd dare each other to complete a feat
and laugh to see which friends we couldn't beat
Beneath the trees that summer we would meet
the taste of freedom never was so sweet.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

52 genres in a year

Seasons of the moon series [ books 1 to 4 ] by J. M Reine  ( Young adult fantasy)

Free e books which I read in two days. Again a very compulsive and compelling read. Engaging and well thought out characterization and exciting storyline.Left me wanting to read the next series.

30 poems in April


Silken lines glistening with dew drops
span between overgrown bushes
in an intricate design
lovingly constructed
in interlocking
delicate lace
finest trap

Monday, 14 April 2014

52 genres in a year

Twenty- eight and a half wishes by Denise Grover Swank [ mystery]

This was my first free e book, not counting  " The Pilgrims progress " which I started but had to abandon after chapter 2!  This was a compulsive read which I really enjoyed. Both the storyline and the characters were very engaging and I had to keep reading to find out what happened next. This left me wanting to read more in the series.

52 genres in a year

21 Spy

The Crocus List by Gavin Lyall

I have to confess to being slightly confused at times whilst reading this. More due to my advancing years than any fault of the author. Despite this it was an enjoyable story if not completely my first choice of genre.

30 poems in April

April 14th

 Snowball attempt 2


Sunday, 13 April 2014

A year in our garden 2014


30 poems in April

April 13th

Whatever I may see or say or do
now I am older so am I unseen
I see you chat with friends as you walk through
uncaring ways I'm sure you do not mean

You do not listen to a word I say
for what I say means nothing much to you
my life, my memories , is not your way
my childhood,who I loved and how I grew

My hands ,not strong, I fumble, old and slow
I do not walk and now rely on you
who do not see me , as you come and go
one day,my plight could happen to you too

Saturday, 12 April 2014

30 poems in April

April 12th

A snowball poem


Friday, 11 April 2014

30 poems for April

April 11th

Golden shovel attempt 4 from Watermelons by Charles Simic

Wastelands of the world

Hidden wildlife in rainforests deep green
like a multitude of temple buddhas
scanning the land, unseen by most on
daily grind of food to hungry mouth.The
mountains of rotting and decaying fruit
laid to waste in stinking tips. Children stand

and forage for a few ripe morsels. We
who have plenty, see nothing and eat
without thought, without remorse for all the
food carelessly discarded as we smile

Pause for a while, to see the unseen and
do not be the one to let a glob of spit
despoil the pavements of the world . For out
of the mouths of us all can come the
tiger, power to change in claw and teeth

Thursday, 10 April 2014

30 poems for April

April 10th

Golden shovel poem number 3 from First Fig by Edna St Vincent

Tawny Cat

By the light of the moon I can see my
hand grasp the handle, an advent candle
flickers in the room, handle turns,flame burns
and beyond that, a tawny cat looks at
me with disdain,the glint of her eyes both
mocking and watchful. Is this how it ends?

In this room, barely lit, I wait for it
to happen, standing still, the lioness will
care not a jot, that I am really not
supposed to be here. She leaps! At the last
moment I move and slam the door shut.The
sound of her roar and my fright fill the night

As my terror abates, I listen but
no sounds, near or far, breath releases" Ah "
as with a soft sigh I contemplate my
narrow escape from the lion and my foes.

Tremor of hand slows as fear subsides and
I decide it's time to go, move slow, oh
so slow, need for escape, not alert my
foes. This nightmare ends, I must reach my friends.

My heart does a flit. The cat! Why was it
in that room at all?  She lives there and gives
intruders a fright ! At last outside, a
feeling of freedom,escape, lovely
night, back with my friends in the pale moons' light

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

30 poems in April

April 9th

I love the concept of Golden shovel poems so am working through the NapoWrimo suggestions.
so from Jamesian by Thom Gunn

At the table in the restaurant their
eyes met briefly since the relationship

between work and attraction consisted
of frequent glances and smiles, whilst in

work mode the cut backs they were discussing
continued apace. Their eyes said what if

we were not on opposing sides, if it
could be that a best outcome existed.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

52 genres in a year

20 Crime

Contraband by Dennis Wheatley

First published in 1936, the language and manners show the period it was first written but it was still a delightful read. An added bonus was the mention of towns in Kent that I know well. It could be described as a cracking good read.

April birds in the garden

30 poems in April

April 8th

To write one each day is so hard
not to sound like a rhyme on a card
to challenge my brain
without sounding insane
I will never be a great bard!

Monday, 7 April 2014

30 poems in April

April 7th

A prompt from Quiet Minds
Wallace Stevens wrote 13 ways of looking at a blackbird.

Muses on Roses

in bloom
a rose
her petals
perfectly proportioned

Manicured lawns
in countless suburban gardens
stately roses pruned
in a regimental parade of pride

A bud
promising more
as the petals of the rose
slowly unfurl

A palette as rich
as any artist's
profusion of colours
are roses in mid summer

In the morning
when dew glistens on the ground
a heady perfume fills the air
of roses fresh from slumber

She buries her head
deep in the rosy bouquet
savouring the moment
for it will not last

Rambling in wild array
scrambling over others
to reach the sunniest spot
flowering in abandonment
the rose in her fullness displayed

Blood red the blossom
of the beautiful rose
but beware the spill
of red blood on her thorns
a trap for the unwary

A single rose he gave me
as a symbol of our love
I pull the petals one by one
he loves me, he loves me not
our love dying with the rose

How does the rose compare
to other flowers? Who is to say
that a rose has more beauty
than a daffodil or daisy

Each rose bears a name
to distinguish it's uniqueness
from all others
colour, fragrance, form and clarity
which is our favourite
is a matter of personal taste

A summer salad of mixed leaves
is enhanced by petals of roses

At summers end
the blowsy roses shed
their petals on the grass
to be consumed by the garden
or crushed by mowers blade

Saturday, 5 April 2014

30 Poems in April

April 6th

After reading the prompts at Napowrimo and Quiet minds , my attempt at a Golden Shovel poem. I used Gwendoline Brookes poem as in Terence Hayes original brilliantly constructed set of two.

                                      Young  Love

While walking in the rain, deep the pain we
feel, echoes of an argument too real

and too close to our hearts. The raindrops cool
our fevered skin, but notwithstanding we

feel nothing of the rain.Nothing is left
without our love. Without teachers, a school

is not a school. Without you is no we
in stony silence part so alone I lurk

thinking  are we done? Is it now too late?
I am me but I want us to be we

I did not want to be the one to strike
an arrow through your heart nor want the straight

talking between us to end like this. We
used to be as one, link our arms and sing

joyfully.There was no talk of my sin.
I am lost without you.There is no we

I feel the cold, my jacket is too thin.
A nearby bar, a tot or two of gin

will dull the pain of memories that we
shared, of balmy nights listening to jazz.

Of sunny days, togetherness in June.
Tears fall like raindrops, soundlessly,that we

will never be together til we die,
that what we had was over all too soon

30 Poems for April

April 5th

Two piles of ironing reach up to the sky
beckoning, beckoning as I walk by.
The swish of the iron , two piles grow smaller
while those neatly pressed, grow ever taller.
A smile lights my face as each one is done
and I can enjoy more time in the sun.

Friday, 4 April 2014

30 Poems for April

April 4th

A trip to London, transports of delight
involving bus,train ,boat and cable car
We saw the timeline,an historic sight
hot chocolate with cream at nearby bar

then views across the river from up high
then down again and lunch inside the dome
more views as on the river we sped by
then back to Waterloo for the train home