Thursday, 31 March 2016

31 Poems

                Death of a dragon

She slays the dragon, wins the prize to choose
her prince. Eyes gaze along the line, peruse
distracted by the crowd,their cries of praise
the sprays of dragon blood which fade to ooze
infusing fiery blaze that fills the skies
whose body lies, immense, no longer flies
no longer preys and fries and fiercely chews.
The wise one dies defeated by a ruse
to lose, to miss the clues, betrayed by spies
Wings powerful no longer raise to highs
unseen cross hazy skies of greys and blues
through dragon death the princess pays her dues

Monday, 7 March 2016

31 Bloglists

3 Childhood memories

Writing prompts/ journaling/ life history

farmhouse kitchen
weekend breakfasts
helping feed calves
helping milk cows
our own patch of garden
scavenger hunts
building dens in woods
blackberry and mushroom picking
picking wild flowers on Mothers day
bringing in the cows for milking
cleaning the yard
painting on the farm
badminton, tennis in the garden
cooking with Mum
day trips to the seaside
day trips to country shows
visits from cousins
day trips to visit Aunty
day trips to visit Grampa and granny
catholic school and baptist church
childhood toys
cycling on country roads
walks to the water meadows
brownie and guide camps
May day celebrations
books and libraries
writing stories, journals, poems
piano playing
dogs, cats and guinea pigs
grandparents snowed in
annual herding of heifers
six week stay with Auntie
farm teas and suppers
Christmas traditions
Childhood friends
The sitting room
The playroom
Climbing trees and walls
elderflower water and wine
learning crafts
woodland walks
school buses

Friday, 4 March 2016

31 Bloglists

2    Soundtracks to my life

In no particular order

Those were the days                                Mary Hopkins
I'm a believer                                           The Monkees
Suzanne                                                   Leonard Cohen
Love grows where my Rosemary goes   Edison Lighthouse
Manic Monday                                         The Bangles
Only love can break your heart               Neil Young
Killing me softly with your song             The Fugees
Without you                                             Harry Nilsson
Alone again{naturally}                           Gilbert O'Sullivan
Morning has broken                                 Cat Stevens
Bohemian Rhapsody                                  Queen
Satisfaction                                               Rolling Stones
Both sides now                                        Joni Mitchell
Happy Together                                        The Turtles
Top of the World                                      The Carpenters
Dizzy                                                        Tommy Roe
Rainy days and Mondays                         The Carpenters
Dream                                                       The Everley Brothers
Starry starry night                                     Don McClean
Heart of gold                                             Neil Young
Candle in the wind                                    Elton John
Young girl                                                 Union Gap
Guitar man                                                 Bread
My sweet lord                                            George Harrison
Get it on                                                     T Rex
You're so vain                                            Carly Simon
American Pie                                             Don McClean
Sloop John B                                              The Beach Boys
Bridge over troubled water                        Simon and Garfunkel
Walk the Line                                             Johnny Cash
You've gotta Friend                                    James Taylor
Build me up buttercup                                Foundations
I'd like to teach the world to sing               New Seekers
Down Town                                               Petula Clark
Angie Baby                                                Helen Reddy
Hello                                                         Lionel Ritchie
Desperado                                                 The Carpenters
Moonshadow                                             Cat Stevens

Thursday, 3 March 2016

31 Bloglists

1     52 Genres Part one Fiction[26]

The books I read and reviewed for each category

Fantasy           Rage of a demon king                       Raymond Feist
Thriller            Phantom                                             Jo Nesbo
Mystery           The secret keeper                                Kate Morton
Young Adult    Before I fall                                         Lauren Oliver
Short Stories    The elephant vanishes                         Murakami
Romance         The Purveyor of enchantment             Marika Cobbold
Quirky        The Guernsey Literary and Potato peel society      Mary Ann Shaffer and Ann Barrows
Chick Lit       Noah's Ark                                              Barbara Trapido
Dystopian     Delerium                                                  Lauren Oliver
Womens        A vision of loveliness                             Louise Levene
Horror          The bed I made                                       Lucie Whitehouse
Multicultural  Major Pettigrews last stand                  Helen Simonsen
Contemporary   You                                                    Joanna Briscoe
Historical        Empress Orchid                                   Anchee Min
Literary         The Kite Runner                                   Khaled Hosseini
Childrens       The thirteen treasures                           Michelle Harrison
Poetry            The bone monkey                                Janet Sutherland
Adventure      A time to die                                       Wilbur Smith
Crime             Contraband                                          Dennis  Wheatley
Spy                The crocus list                                     Gavin Lyall
War              They used dark forces                            Dennis Wheatley
Western        The cowboy's mail order bride              Cora Seaton
Science Fiction  Just one dammed thing after another  Jodi Taylor
Ghost             Long time coming                                Edie Clare
Drama           A dolls house                                        Henrik Ibsen
Humour        The debt and the doormat                      Laura Barnard