Monday, 7 March 2016

31 Bloglists

3 Childhood memories

Writing prompts/ journaling/ life history

farmhouse kitchen
weekend breakfasts
helping feed calves
helping milk cows
our own patch of garden
scavenger hunts
building dens in woods
blackberry and mushroom picking
picking wild flowers on Mothers day
bringing in the cows for milking
cleaning the yard
painting on the farm
badminton, tennis in the garden
cooking with Mum
day trips to the seaside
day trips to country shows
visits from cousins
day trips to visit Aunty
day trips to visit Grampa and granny
catholic school and baptist church
childhood toys
cycling on country roads
walks to the water meadows
brownie and guide camps
May day celebrations
books and libraries
writing stories, journals, poems
piano playing
dogs, cats and guinea pigs
grandparents snowed in
annual herding of heifers
six week stay with Auntie
farm teas and suppers
Christmas traditions
Childhood friends
The sitting room
The playroom
Climbing trees and walls
elderflower water and wine
learning crafts
woodland walks
school buses

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