Thursday, 3 March 2016

31 Bloglists

1     52 Genres Part one Fiction[26]

The books I read and reviewed for each category

Fantasy           Rage of a demon king                       Raymond Feist
Thriller            Phantom                                             Jo Nesbo
Mystery           The secret keeper                                Kate Morton
Young Adult    Before I fall                                         Lauren Oliver
Short Stories    The elephant vanishes                         Murakami
Romance         The Purveyor of enchantment             Marika Cobbold
Quirky        The Guernsey Literary and Potato peel society      Mary Ann Shaffer and Ann Barrows
Chick Lit       Noah's Ark                                              Barbara Trapido
Dystopian     Delerium                                                  Lauren Oliver
Womens        A vision of loveliness                             Louise Levene
Horror          The bed I made                                       Lucie Whitehouse
Multicultural  Major Pettigrews last stand                  Helen Simonsen
Contemporary   You                                                    Joanna Briscoe
Historical        Empress Orchid                                   Anchee Min
Literary         The Kite Runner                                   Khaled Hosseini
Childrens       The thirteen treasures                           Michelle Harrison
Poetry            The bone monkey                                Janet Sutherland
Adventure      A time to die                                       Wilbur Smith
Crime             Contraband                                          Dennis  Wheatley
Spy                The crocus list                                     Gavin Lyall
War              They used dark forces                            Dennis Wheatley
Western        The cowboy's mail order bride              Cora Seaton
Science Fiction  Just one dammed thing after another  Jodi Taylor
Ghost             Long time coming                                Edie Clare
Drama           A dolls house                                        Henrik Ibsen
Humour        The debt and the doormat                      Laura Barnard

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