Sunday, 30 April 2017

30 poems in April


Repeat repeat repeat
NaPoWriMo complete
poems, maybe in rhyme
prompts to follow each time
talented poets read
Thank you! all to be said

Saturday, 29 April 2017

30 poems in April

Twenty nine

An ode to daffodils
in brightly drifting drills
cascading over hills
where beauty overspills
imagined trumpet trills
to counter April chills
advent of Spring which kills
low mood Winter instills
each centre framed with frills
our gaze and focus stills
a golden hope fulfils
awakens heartfelt thrills
delights in daffodils

Friday, 28 April 2017

30 poems in April

Twenty eight

Left in lurch
at church
while others search
bride in white
out of sight
bridegrooms flight
never right
family huddle
in a muddle
bridesmaids cuddle
teardrops puddle
guests are left
to feel bereft
finely clad
feeling bad
very sad
some are mad
no one glad
that this day
ends this way
while the bride
hides inside
hands cover head
filled with dread
words are said
drop like lead
groom has fled

Thursday, 27 April 2017

30 poems in April

Twenty seven

each fruit distinctive
combine flavours together
for taste sensation

30 poems in April

Twenty five

Deep in the dark recesses of my mind
are hidden thoughts that only I can find
resurfacing at times I'm not aware
to give a jolt, reminder they're still there

Twenty six

This rusty metal pile was once a car
but no one here today knows what they are!

Monday, 24 April 2017

30 poems in April

Twenty four

An owl descends upon the old oak tree
and is attacked by feathered foes times three
He sits on branch for nothing bothers Owl
not even being pecked by fiendish fowl
Owl will remain just where he wants to be
His enigmatic smile says he is free
On this fine perch he'll rest a while and see
what life unfolds beneath this mighty tree

Sunday, 23 April 2017

30 poems in April

Twenty three

fixed gaze
silent, still, slouching
coiled in readiness to

run, scurry
back garden haven
in moment, terror filled

Saturday, 22 April 2017

30 poems in April

Twenty- one

A single snippet that is overheard
can pierce the heart as cleanly as a sword
At quiet times it creeps back in to haunt
like painful poison seeping slow, to taunt

Twenty two

The tractor hums, the plough smooth furrows groove
as earth is turned, small creatures scurry, move
their lives disturbed by farmer's need to hoe
preparing ground for seeds that he will sow
each action that he takes affects the land
most good but some may also be unplanned
as habitats may change or disappear
some animals and birds have much to fear

Thursday, 20 April 2017

30 poems in April


The royal guard stood straight and flushed with pride
three of his kind stood with him by his side
their hands held down and neatly out of sight
protecting king and queen with all their might
of course the risk of harm was very slight
two further pairs stood near in case of fight
protection of the house was full and tight
as guests relaxed and played throughout the night

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

30 poems in April


Copious amounts of dark, delicious
rum were a required requisite for
emergence of bad behavior
activating loud vocalization
titillated by swallow, smooth passage
initiating response from strangers
overwhelming emotions overtaking
normal modes of action

you [ feel like a]

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

30 poems in April


a e i o u
alphabetical building
ba ce di fo gu
creative design
bah cej dik fol gum
engineering fantasy
bahe ceji diko folu guma
growing hyperbole
bahen cejip dikoq folur gumas
including just
baheni cejipo dikoqu folura gumose
knowingly, lovingly
bahenia cejipou dikoqua folurae gumasei
making neologisms

Monday, 17 April 2017

30 poems in April

Time to catch up!


Peter rabbit
had a habit
sow a carrot
he would nab it!


Is one a half of two
or is it a whole one?

Is a glass half full
or half empty?

Can a jar full of pebbles
still be filled with sand
or water,or both?

If I'm in the middle of something
is it really the middle?


Each letter received is a gift
of thoughts on the day sent in hope
each letter will last many years
emotions enclosed, enveloped


Pianissimo,sorrows subsiding
In crescendo emotions are released
a swirling mass,stars above colliding
hands move in combination on the keys
deepest feelings now emerge from hiding
in music seeking to find inner peace

Thursday, 13 April 2017

30 poems in April


we who must be free time
run away to sea time

the need to flee is strong
come along with me time

to climb the highest tree
scramble on the scree time

arrange a fun party
have a bit of glee time

why will you not agree
listen to my plea time

I'd ask you home for tea
you prefer coffee time

this creativity
so ends Alilee time

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

30 poems in April


Muffled murmurs
moments in madness

stifled screams
seeking sanity

Peony petals
enclosed, encased

pink, pretty
perfection personified

elemental exposure
damages edges

brown stains
spread slowly

damage done
death, destruction

impermanence, imperfection
world weary

sadly silent
seeking solace

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

30 poems in April


Are people so easily influenced
why so easy to obtain a weapon
in this world of increased complexity
to cause bloodshed and mayhem at one stroke
to devastate the lives of innocents
pain and grief affecting many for life

To kill is never a solution

For when you kill you create more hatred
for there can never be only one way
one path that all in the world must follow
one ideology that is the truth
why do some people feel the need to kill
a strong desire to cause the world more pain
so easy just to wipe out many lives
at the push of a button or trigger

To kill is never a solution

no easy answer in this complex world
where money talks, wisdom will never win
and those who feel they have an axe to grind
or made to feel important if they kill
and part of a new order in control
for power is the master of many

Monday, 10 April 2017

30 poems in April




Gentle, calm
Your dry humour
and inner beauty
shone through

never forgotten

Sunday, 9 April 2017

30 poems in April



Winter's passed and so the risk of snow
is less and noses rarely glow
with cold, flowers start to grow
and weeds so time to hoe
grass lawn mowers mow
river in flow
rowers row
start slow

Saturday, 8 April 2017

30 poems in April


A Californian redwood
in our garden grew so high
You'd crick your neck to see the top
It reached up to the sky

Each night before I went to sleep
I would think about this tree
and wonder what would happen
if it fell on top of me

How it came to be at our house
really was a mystery
growing tall, its secrets kept
from all who came to see

Each night before I went to sleep
I would think about this tree
and wonder what would happen
if it fell on top of me

It should be in a forest
this tall and stately tree
It would not seem so lonely
as it towered over me

Do children who may live there now
still think about this tree
Do they wonder what might happen
in the dead of night, like me

Friday, 7 April 2017

30 poems in April


Last year we went to China
on holiday
a wonderful experience

After a few months
at home
I missed my phone

From this you can surmise
how little
it is used

I searched the house
several times
but with no success

My daughter acquired a
new phone
for me and transferred contract

Several more months passed
time flies
a family gathering was planned

I cooked food to take and needed
a coolbox
my husband took a stepladder

to access the coolbox from
the loft
brought it down and opened it

I'm sure you can guess that
my phone
was sitting patiently inside

Thursday, 6 April 2017

30 poems in April


Time for bed said zebedee

Is life a bed of roses?
The passionate shepherd believed so
but with every rose there are thorns

A bed does not become a bed
until it is planted

When is a bed not a bed?
When it is a Futon

The chambermaid pondered whether making
the first bed or the last one in a day is the worst

A place where love and passion are explored

 Three bears asking the same question
that a wronged spouse may well pose

How many bedbugs share our bed each night?

A place of sweet dreams or vivid nightmares

where children fear that underneath
a monster lurks

where fears and problems magnify at 3 a.m.
where one can feel the most alone

or the most loved

You caused the problem, so you must solve it
as the saying goes

Is a shop doorway or a concrete floor a bed
if you sleep there?

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

30 poems in April


A place where parakeets and jackdaw fly
majestic oak whose branches reach to sky
where deer can wander freely through the grass
delighting all who see them as they pass

Where Rhododendron and azalea bloom
in wild profusion brightening the gloom
and bluebells form a carpet on the ground
near pond where ducks and moorhens swim around

see views across the city as you sit
outside with coffee as you rest a bit
beware of danger lurking as you walk
infecting the unwary as you talk

these microscopic creatures lie in grass
attaching to your body as you pass
though nature sometimes has a price to pay
it's beauty always lightens up our day

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

30 poems in April


A musical journey

Early days spent with
Teaser and the Firecat
following a moonshadow
until morning has broken
playing cat's cradle
dreams of a peace train
with little boy blue

We've only just begun
but now I want to be
close to you

On rainy days
and Mondays
as I say goodbye
to love my tears
fall like the rain
as I listen to
your haunting melodies

my wish to be
on top of the world
to sing a song
engraved forever
on my heart.

Monday, 3 April 2017

30 Poems in April



You always had a sense of the absurd
a witty turn of phrase, a love of word
you taught me alphabet from Z to A
and "A for horses" still in mind today

A sometime poet [poems always rhyme]
your children said for them you had no time
A doctor skilled and busy, early life
four daughters, son and very patient wife

Galipoli in wartime, travels too
The dawn of N.H.S was not for you
Dogmatic, you were not afraid of strife
from doctor, you embrace a farming life

In later years you live near sister Bill
you used to fight as siblings often will
Now even though your life has come and gone
A sense of who you were still carries on

To talk of those we love, no longer here
helps us to feel their presence still is near

Sunday, 2 April 2017

30 poems in April



Mango! Mango!
peel and chop
vine tomatoes
chop then stop
half cucumber
finely dice
then red onion
dice not slice
love the taste
cayenne, lime juice
form the base
Mango! Mango!
salsa divine
serve with curry
and glass of wine

Saturday, 1 April 2017

30 poems in April



Windowsill bliss
one side bathed
in sunlight
fur lightens
[ as blonde brightens
in summer]
face seeking warmth
heat source below
mouth opens
silently in answer
to our chat
beloved cat
greeting us
each morning
with warm body
vibrating with purrs
always vocal
[ as is the
Burmese way]
In twilight years
eyesight fading
distance misjudged
attempts to jump
result in bumps
Life is short
as we grow
old together