Monday, 3 April 2017

30 Poems in April



You always had a sense of the absurd
a witty turn of phrase, a love of word
you taught me alphabet from Z to A
and "A for horses" still in mind today

A sometime poet [poems always rhyme]
your children said for them you had no time
A doctor skilled and busy, early life
four daughters, son and very patient wife

Galipoli in wartime, travels too
The dawn of N.H.S was not for you
Dogmatic, you were not afraid of strife
from doctor, you embrace a farming life

In later years you live near sister Bill
you used to fight as siblings often will
Now even though your life has come and gone
A sense of who you were still carries on

To talk of those we love, no longer here
helps us to feel their presence still is near

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