Tuesday, 11 April 2017

30 poems in April


Are people so easily influenced
why so easy to obtain a weapon
in this world of increased complexity
to cause bloodshed and mayhem at one stroke
to devastate the lives of innocents
pain and grief affecting many for life

To kill is never a solution

For when you kill you create more hatred
for there can never be only one way
one path that all in the world must follow
one ideology that is the truth
why do some people feel the need to kill
a strong desire to cause the world more pain
so easy just to wipe out many lives
at the push of a button or trigger

To kill is never a solution

no easy answer in this complex world
where money talks, wisdom will never win
and those who feel they have an axe to grind
or made to feel important if they kill
and part of a new order in control
for power is the master of many

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