Monday, 13 April 2015

30 Poems in April 2015

Day thirteen

From Prose written last June
The sun is shining this morning, a somewhat rare moment in an English summer as I venture outside to soak up some rays. I sit in my favourite spot on the patio, perched atop the low wooden fence topped with a decking plank. As I sit awhile I feel the warmth of the sun on my bare arms.At the end of our small garden, the Maple tree spreads its branches providing a canopy of russet green leaves to hide the houses on the slope above our house allowing a measure of seclusion. The wall on the left which forms the back of the garage block is clothed with lilac,no longer flowering, rambling rose and honeysuckle spread in wild abandon.
A white peony is in full bloom, her red companions have long finished, a few petals stain the grass.Carpets of blue starry flowers adorn the right hand border and as I sit, two bumble bees are busily flitting between the profusion of flowers collecting nectar
The scent of honeysuckle wafts across the garden, with the smoky hint of a neighbour's barbeque in the air.
Sparrows swoop across above my head to the safety of the lilac
and a blue tit briefly alights on the bird feeder hanging in the Maple. I hear the sounds of birdsong and the buzzing of a bee as it flies near my left ear.The distant chatter of neighbours, a dogs yelp, a sneeze and a man whistling are sounds of others enjoying a Sunday morning in the garden. Before I return inside, I cannot resist crushing a sprig of mint to smell another scent of summer.
to Poetry

Summer moment
morning sun
plank decking
sit perched
bare arms
feel warmth
branches spread
maple leaves canopy
houses hidden
allowing seclusion
lilac clothed wall
rose rambling
honeysuckle abandon
peony petals
stain grass
blue flowers starry
adorn border
bumble bees flitting
nectar collecting
honeysuckle scent wafts
mint sprigs crush
barbeque smoky air
sparrows swoop
blue tits alight
neighbours chatter
man whistling, sneezes
Sunday sounds

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