Wednesday, 15 April 2015

30 Poems in April 2015

Day Fifteen

                                         Dementia Dialogues

What would you like? Tea or coffee today?
What I really would like is time to talk
I'll tidy your bed, throw rubbish away
to tell you my fears or go for a walk

I'll just get your comb and tidy your hair
to talk of my past and all that I've done
here are your tablets. I'll leave them right here
a smile and a laugh would make life more fun

Excuse me a minute, I'll answer my phone
the days seem so long, my mind is not clear
now that I've finished, I'll leave you alone
I long for a friend but nobody's here

Jean will be here tonight, you know she's new
no one to listen,they all cannot stay
Jenny tomorrow, she knows what to do
Each day will be just the same as today

What would you like to watch today?
Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden
Deanna Durban, Double Jeopardy
You like that one
I've seen them all
Yes that will do
They washed me with bleach today
I know you don't believe me

They're only trying to help you
What would you like me to buy?
bread,sliced chicken, ham
milk, yoghurt, biscuits, jam
chocolate eclairs?
Has your carer made your tea?

Chocolate eclairs might be nice
They try to kill me, you know
Put poison in the food
the water too
It's not safe

Shall we walk in the garden
The osmanthus is so beautiful
forget me nots too
Have you seen the woodpeckers
hanging upside down

I never want to leave this house
I want to die here
Promise me
I don't want to go to hospital
you don't know what they're trying to do

Your stent needs changing
Your catheter keeps blocking
your doctor wants you to go
What happens if it blocks
in the night?

I don't need to go
What does the doctor know
My catheter is fine
I can wash it out myself
The nurse said
If I leave here, I'll be dead

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