Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Daily December Diary 2014

December 30th and 31st

So the end of another year. Wishing everyone happiness and joy in 2015 and hoping for a more peaceful and less troubled world.

Only completed 32 of my 52 genres, so 20 non fiction genres to go. I will persevere and enjoyed reading genres I would not normally choose. To continue 365 free e books and A borrowed book and add Prequels and sequels to my review repertoire.

I have tried and enjoyed some new recipes and have finished one Mandarin course on Memrise and have made good progress with course number two.

I have gained a penfriend through Postcrossing and am continuing to enjoy the writing prompts in Fifteen minutes of fiction

Plans for 2015
To knit the free advent garland on Ravelry ready for December next year
To complete Na Po Wri Mo in April
To start a photo log " Captured Moments"

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