Monday, 31 August 2015

Declutter Diary

30 areas to clean, declutter or organise before the end of September. As housework is not my favourite task, having to blog will focus my efforts to complete them. That is my plan anyway! So

Number one
 Clothes in my wardrobe
Aims1. to discard for the charity shop any clothes I do not wear and do not like or are becoming old and tatty
        2. to organise my wardrobe so I can find clothes easily and have more room to hang clothes
  I tried on most of my clothes and discarded those in the category above.{aim1}
 I hung the remaining clothes in sections Dresses
                                                                 Jackets/ Cardigans
I put excess hangers in another room for storage to access as I need them
My pile of discarded clothes in a bag ready for the charity shop
Time taken Two Hours.  
Sentimental Save: My kimono bought from a small Japanese shop in High Street Kensington in the 1970's

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