Thursday, 3 September 2015

Declutter Diary

Numbers five and six
Food cupboards two and three house my Chinese cooking supplies mostly so it made sense to reorganize them together. This bag represents only about half of the out of date items lurking at the back.
 I tackled the larger cupboard first removing tins and bottles.
Packs of spices were decanted into small boxes which I then labelled. Bulky dry items such as noodles and prawn crackers were moved to a new home on a shelf I emptied to make room.Flour was also relocated to a higher cupboard.
 My star anise before decanting to two boxes and the lower shelf before emptying.
After a thorough clean, the top shelf reorganized for spices and sauces.
 I initially put bottles at the bottom but had space so

after emptying the smaller cupboard and cleaning it
removed the bottles and used the space for large bowls and containers. Once I organize the under sink cupboard I will add more.
whilst the small cupboard houses all the bottles at the bottom, and all the tins at the top.

Time taken; a couple of hours with a coffee break in the middle.
Advantages: Out of date items discarded, Knowledge of items in cupboards and organised so I can easily find things.Everything in sealed containers.

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