Monday, 23 November 2015

November Time An Epic Rhyme

Over the next few weeks we really talked
sometimes in the flat, sometimes we walked
I told her how I felt, my need to be
with others too, my needing to feel free

I told her how my Mum had made me feel
how I'd doubted that our love was real
I even told her how I'd tried to write
but couldn't find the words that fateful night

how when her mother rang I felt such pain
at thoughts of never seeing her again
I'd in an instant known our love was true
when she was hurt, how panic in me grew

She talked as well  of how her love for me
had manifested in anxiety
how fear of losing me had made her cling
how fear had nearly lost us everything

We laughed together and we even cried
when thinking how she'd very nearly died
I asked her, on one knee to marry me
when she said yes, my heart felt truly free

We sit here now our twilight years are here
with love and memories and no more fear
our children and grandchildren bless our life
I love you so much still, beloved wife.

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