Friday, 29 April 2016

31 poems

Just a scent of a memory

Cherry brandy, Pimms, Sangria
white wine in summer garden
Snowballs served in smoky bars

lavender, thyme, honeysuckle
nasturtiums, marigolds, osmanthus
roses, Papa Meilland and Fragrant cloud

strawberries, raspberry punnets
mangoes, home grown tomatoes
durian, freshly squeezed lime

newly mown grass, goats in pens
hay bales in fields, strewn straw
silage, mud, cows muck

warm welsh cakes, south sea sherbet
bacon, fried eggs,weekend breakfasts
elderflowers, ginger, kedgeree

perfume " Charlie"   " L'air du temps"
Ponds dry skin cream
sandalwood incense sticks, violet scent

salt fish, galangal, lime leaves
coriander, jasmine tea
dried prawns, coconut, satay

wet dogs, warm cats
steaming cows, fresh milk
aluminum paint,creosote

Christmas trees, pine needles, yew
tangerines, chocolate, marzipam
brewed coffee, bread from oven

coal fires and bonfires
swimming pools, saunas
seaweed, shells and sea spray

new books, sun dried clothes
clean hair, family hugs
warm sand, laundered sheets

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